The contact capture machine for sales and relationships.

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Generate leads from all major networks & websites

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The only software that automates the mining of contacts on Google Maps and social networks and 700+ websites to generate ultra-targeted lists.


Insatiably devours leads

With eMiner, you build super-segmented lists and have full autonomy in the acquisition of leads to use in campaigns and relationship actions without relying on a lot of effort and high investments.

It's probably what you needed but didn't know it existed.


Elaborately simple

eMiner is a Google Chrome extension that automates the process of searching and capturing leads through search engines to find people's contacts.

All data captured by eMiner is public, indexed by Google, Bing, and AOL. Therefore, it does not violate access to protected data.

Consider trying it out and let us know what you think.


Magic like you've never seen

We help you define which websites and email domains you want to search for your contacts.

Then, eMiner takes care of elaborating sophisticated searches through search engines to find, capture, validate and organize the data captured from the greatest number of leads possible for you.

  • Demonstration of fully automated email capture.

  • Demonstration of the search through the "Places" module.


Approved by professionals worldwide

  • This is an amazing growth hacking tool for lead generation. You will get leads like crazy. Srinidhi Ranganathan - Marketing Influencer

  • Great tool that helps win the game fast by creating the first audiences. Scalezia - Marketing Influencer

  • This is great for marketers. I am happy to have met him and to be a part of his users. Timothy - Marketing Specialist

  • It was all leads that I felt an epiphany when I did my first email search. Out of the box. Raphael - Growth marketer


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