The hyper-targeted
lead finder machine

Multiply your sales by expanding your potential customer base and never suffer from a lack of leads again.

Because the eMiner

Have complete autonomy and control in the acquisition of leads for future commercial and marketing actions without relying on high investments in paid campaigns or purchase of low-quality lead bases.

All data captured by eMiner is public, indexed by Google. Therefore, it does not violate data privacy laws.

What the say

  • It looks like magic. I just needed to indicate some search criteria, hit the search button, and see the tool work for me. Simply sensational. Thomas Lopez - Head de Marketing

  • eMiner is being my secret weapon to hit the lead generation goal. It was the best find of the year and I have already recommended it to several professional colleagues. Michelle Rodriguez - Sales Development Representative

  • Every time I use eMiner I have a pleasant feeling that I am mining a rich, infinite gold mine. Jessica Lee - Growth Hacker

  • I didn't realize there was so much lead hidden in the depths of the internet. The advanced search techniques that run from behind bring spectacular results. William Diaz - CEO

Consider experimenting and let us know what you think.

How it work

eMiner is a Google Chrome extension that automates the process of capturing leads through Google's powerful search engine to find potential customers tailored to your business.

Accelerate lead capture through the powers of automation.